About Us

A beloved West St. Paul institution, Southview Garden Center has thrived for over 56 years.  Our dedication to high quality plants and outstanding, personal service is all wrapped up in a easy to shop package. 

Flashback  to the late 1940's - early 1960's.

  1. Sod Installation
    Sod Installation
    Warren Mortensen (on the truck) hands sod rolls to his two boys, Wes and Lynn, to install. Circa 1955.
  2. Mortensen's Sod
    Mortensen's Sod
    From the late 1940's until 1963 when Southview Garden Center opened Warren Mortensen specialized primarily in sod. To this day we are particular about dirt and sod, no kidding.
  3. Sod Farms
    Sod Farms
    Sod used to be cut and rolled and loaded by hand, as in Mortensen hands. Can you even believe how labor intensive this business was?
  4. Delivery Trucks
    Delivery Trucks
    Circa 1950. after hand loading, sod was delivered and then unloaded, by hand as well.

1963  Warren Mortensen & his son Lynn open Southview Garden Center

  1. Clowning Around
    Clowning Around
    Don't be scared. It's just a clown. Maybe we should bring back this tradition.
  2. 1963 Ariel Photo
    1963 Ariel Photo
    Southview Garden Center's original building is in the middle of this photo. The busy road crossing the photo from left to right is Robert Street with Crusader Avenue not yet a road at all. Bakers Square would be in the grassy area on the right side of the photo.
  3. Warren Mortensen
    Warren Mortensen
  4. Original Sign
    Original Sign

Southview Garden Center 1968

Our very modern and hip retail store was built in 1968 and is still awesome today.